The History of Vizzini’s Pizza ‘n Subs

_MG_6248Vizzini’s first opened in August of 1977 in Glen Burnie, Maryland*. Jay Vizzini Sr. partnered with Nick Greenberg, both 24, with the financing from Philip Vizzini – Jay’s grandfather.

Jay and Nick worked hard to make Vizzini’s a success; often sleeping at the store due to long hours. The business flourished immediately due to great quality and little competition. About a year later they both decided to open another location in Pasadena, Maryland.

Eventually, Jay and Nick went their separate ways but have remained great friends. Jay kept the Glen Burnie store and Nick kept the location in Pasadena, and began calling it Nick’s Pizza.

In 1981, in wanting to help his older brother, Philip Vizzini, Jay worked to open another Vizzini’s Pizza in Pasadena, Maryland. Philip remained in business until 1986 and due to issues with the landlord, decided to close his shop.

Cheesesteak subIn 1986, Jay looked to expand Vizzini’s Pizza stores throughout the Maryland area. To do this, he sold the Glen Burnie location to help set up a location on Cape St. Claire Road in Annapolis, Maryland. Unfortunately, without Jay’s know-how the Glen Burnie location declined. Due to low sales, Jay had to take back the Glen Burnie location.

With hard work and a dedication to giving customers what they wanted, soon both Annapolis and Glen Burnie were running and very busy. So much that other locations were in the works. While some partnerships flourished, others did not. Because of those partnerships, Jay Vizzini’s first pizza shop; Vizzini’s on Aquahart Road, Glen Burnie is no longer associated with the Cape St. Claire location.

Vizzinis Pizza and SubsIn 1991, Jay expanded once again by opening a new store in Baltimore, Maryland. He also took this time to rebrand Vizzini’s look to set them apart from the rest. With the help of an artist, the new Vizzini’s Pizza n Subs logo was redone and also Vinnie the mouse and the positioning statement “Cause that’s how you like it” were born.

Late in 1992, Jay had to take back the Cape St. Claire, Annapolis, Maryland Vizzini’s back due to poor ownership, which meant giving up Baltimore store.

From 1992, Jay went back to his root, just concentrating on one location and making the best and freshest pizza around. Cape St. Claire had a new look and sales were up.

Since then Vizzini’s has continued to stay ingrained in the local Broadneck area as a family favorite. Now Jay Vizzini Jr. runs the store and continues the love for fresh food and the community.

*I would like to let the pizza-loving public know that Vizzini’s Pizza n Subs of Annapolis is no longer associated with the locations in Maryland.